Mobile Cabinets


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Mobile banks allow cashier windows to remain open during breaks and shift changes, keeping all stations available to service customers. Rolling banks retrofit to existing applications and arrive ready to install – slide under your existing countertop and your workstation is ready to open. Cabinets are easily reconfigured on site, allowing the user to add drawers, shelves, or hinged doors to adapt to future needs. They can even convert to a fixed teller station by removing the wheels and adding a base. Other benefits include:

  • Easy-rolling casters for carpet
  • One padlock or cam lock secures all drawers
  • Multiple colors to match your decor

For new installations and remodels, we work with your architects and provide drawings of the cabinets. For existing applications, provide the height from the floor to the underside of the countertop and the width of the cabinet opening.





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