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Service Central, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of security locks, metal  cabinets, casino carts, and cash handling products.

Service Central, Inc. provides security locks for Manufacturers and the amusement, gaming, vending, laundry, and appliance industry.  If you need a lock that is not on our web sight, contact us.  We will source the lock you need for your application with the shortest lead time in the industry.  

Service Central Inc. manufacturers all types of metal cabinets and carts.  Select a standard product or allow us to make exactly what you need.  Using our state of the art software, our design team creates products from your ideas.  We provide  3-D drawings allowing you to see your finished product.

Products are customized to meet your specialized application including Lista cabinets, Lista Workbenches and storage wall. Call us to assist in designing the right Lista product for you.

Service Central is also a leader in the casino and cash handling industry with carts, locks and so many other high specialty products..   



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