High Security Locks

Locks and keys are made exclusively at our factory and are only duplicated according to your preset written controls. Our dimple key and disc designs below are bump resistant. Contact us for further designs that include biometric and keyless locking. Applications include gaming, retail, vending, medical, government, banking, and other industries that require strict security and key control. On-site lock installation is available where installation time is critical. Our install team travels to clients nationwide retrofitting our locks into your equipment. This service allows your staff to continue operations and ensures locks are correctly installed in the shortest time frame. Browse all lock and security products here.

High Security Cam Locks

High security cam locks are used in locations where key control, key duplication, resistance to attack, and lock manipulation are concerns. To resist attack, anti drill pins, special tumblers and hardened steel components are designed and built into the high security key locks. Cam locks take advantage of specialty key blanks and custom key machines to prevent locksmiths from duplicating keys. Patents further protect the lock and keys from unauthorized duplication. Codes are exclusive and assigned at our factory.

Quick Change Lock

Standard Security Cam Locks

The standard security lock is recommended for OEM lock requirements. Applications include wood and metal cabinets, appliances, key boxes, drop box, tool boxes, display cases, and cash drawers.

Single-Bitted Lock

Specialty Locks

Roulette rod locks, keyless cam locks, push locks, and plug locks. Call for other special requests.

Rod Lock


Made with a standard-security 11-blade tumbler or 7-pin tumbler mechanism. Available in springloaded, momentary, and maintaining styles with screw, spade, or solder post terminals.



Available in a variety of materials and lengths to fit your application.

Aluminum Padlocks

Lock and Key Accessories

Lock cams, spacer collars, key holders, key rings, and more. Key organizers and accessories are used to hold keys securely and locking key rings add an extra layer of security.

Key Bak

IC Cores

Key control for applications requiring restricted keyways. Removable cores allow for on-site replacement with a control key. High security patented and restricted keyways sold complete with padlock body or core only.

IC Core

Security Bars

Protect your cash in the M3T with this Security Bar. The vertical steel shroud prevents prying on the door frame and conceals the main door lock and access handle. A top cover can be added to prevent prying at the machine top.

Side Security Bar