We carry Lista Cabinets

Our metal cabinets are used in the main bank, count room, and cashier windows of casinos across the USA. Storage cabinets are designed for heavy use, and are used in applications where security and storage capacity are crucial. Casters are added to metal storage cabinets to convert them into mobile cabinets for cashier breakers, secure parts delivery, and mobile repair stations. As a North America Lista Distributor, adding components to stock Lista cabinets provides a custom solution at an affordable price.

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Under Counter Mobile Banks

Mobile banks allow teller and cashier windows to remain open during breaks and shift changes, keeping all transaction windows available to service customers. Rolling banks retrofit existing applications with minimal down time and disruption. Teller pedestals arrive ready to install – slide under your existing countertop and your workstation is ready to open.

Mobile Bank

Cage, Count, & Security Cabinets

Stationary drawer cabinets can be configured specifically for cash or chips. Choose your drawer or shelf setup and easily reconfigure in the future to adapt to changing needs.

Heavy duty expanded metal storage cabinets are used in applications where products and parts need to be secure. Locking doors can be hinged for full access or sliding for easier access in small spaces.

Our cabinets are customized for your storage needs. Use for storing chips, cash, coin, cassettes, and sensitive documents.

Stationary Drawer Cabinet


Perfect for tech shops and repair stations, workstations are customizable with riser shelves, built-in electric, overhead lighting, or hanging parts storage. Bench tops available in laminate, butcher block, or anti-static. Bottoms available with bench legs or cabinet pedestal base with drawers.



Lockers store items for personnel within minimal space. Small wallet lockers and larger tiered lockers available to meet your storage needs.

Tiered Lockers

Key Cabinets

Durable steel construction lasts for years of use. Available with standard- or high-security locks in single- or dual-locking.

Key Cabinet

Count Table

Our count tables are custom built to your size out of heavy-duty steel framing, topped with two layers acrylic for easy replacement. Adjustable legs are available with casters for mobility.

Count Table

Wall Storage Systems

Wall Storage Systems provide high-density storage in minimal space, keeping parts organized efficiently. Maximize your space by storing floor to ceiling with customizable arrangements of shelves, drawers, and trays.

Wall Storage System